We are hazen agency

A rising creative & marketing agency for brands that are building the future.

What we do

Marketing strategy

A fresh strategy is a blueprint for the future of your brand. We listen to your aspirations and develop the guiding principles that determine each step towards building a standout reputation with the people who matter to you.

Market research · strategic roadmapping · campaign development & planning · digital content strategy & implementation · experiential marketing design · media planning · product/campaign launching · impact tracking · social media management · media buying · campaign management

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Brand identity

A cohesive and consistent brand identity lets customers know that you’re the real deal. We make sure your brand is immediately recognisable at every touchpoint, physical or digital.

Brand positioning · vision, mission & key message development · brand refresh · brand story · brand voice · naming · visual identity development (logos, imagery, typography) · touchpoint design · style guide development · brand rollout

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Content development

A completely in-house production process gives you a direct line to a team of tenacious creatives with the high standards and unique ideas to grow your brand.

Digital content creation · social media coordination · website development · marketing collateral development · end-to-end video production · print design & typesetting · photography & image post-production · illustration · animation & motion graphics

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We make brands better. It's as simple as that.

Our name comes from Golden Age polymath Ibn al-Haytham, better known as Al-Hazen or the ‘father of optics’. It was he who pioneered the scientific method, developed the camera obscura, and contributed greatly to our understanding of sight. We named our company hazen agency because we wanted to pay homage to this great innovator and embody his dedication to rigorous observation and replicable results.

So who are we? We are strategy-driven, big-picture thinkers with an uncompromised sense of creativity. We build websites, shoot your campaign videos, design your billboards, and tenaciously update your socials. But at the end of the day, our principal aim is to listen to your vision and then articulate each step necessary to making that vision a reality. We’re in it for the long haul.

It’s true, we are young. Which means that we aren’t held back by inertia like old legacy software on a computer. No, we’re the operating system that was released yesterday; debugged, optimised, and ready to go. Our fresh-facedness makes us hungry. It makes us firm believers in the limitlessness of our ideas.

The world is noisier than ever. If you don’t know the way, you may get lost in the rabble. We’ll be your guide and make sure you are seen and heard. It’s great to have a dream, but it’s necessary to have a strategy.

Meet the team

Mustafa Allawi
CEO & Co-Founder
With his passion for storytelling, Mustafa ensures that your company's brand is driven in the right direction. His experience in directing, screenwriting and business management has allowed him to grow and lead our creative team, in bringing your vision to life.
Aye Soe
Accounts Manager
Her career in account management started from a bunch of stick-notes filled with constant reminders and to-do lists. Aye now channels her obsession for organisation into liaising with clients to ensure that clear communication is at the forefront and every project runs smoothly.
Omar Aziz
Executive-Producer & Co-Founder
Having been in the field of film and journalism since the age of twelve, Omar has worked across Al-Jazeera, CNN and countless broadcast production channels. His experience in television allows him to swiftly execute extensive projects.
Jerald Luya
Creative Director
Jerald is here to challenge, expand and encourage our team to explore unconventional creative ideas. With an incomparable creative process, Jerald takes your vision and manifests it through an array of design.
Justine Da Jose
With her obsession for organisation and management, Justine channels her skills to bring any client brief and screenplay to life. Her drive and enthusiasm for perfection ensure that with any problem, there is a solution.
Yasser Alawe
Marketing Strategist
The driving force behind our marketing and sales for all our clients, Yasser ensures that our strategies are aligned with the current market and that our results reach the highest return on investment.