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Recipes for Ramadan

Recipes for Ramadan

Recipes for Ramadan

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Learning has evolved from the days of a stuffy classroom occupied by rows of silent students. Now, students harness their own passion to excel, both inside and outside of the classroom. The question is: how does Amity College communicate their dedication to cultivating students that are both academically and creatively brilliant?

Amity College sparks curiosity. That’s the message we developed for our integrated campaign which spanned digital, social media, outdoor advertising, and television.

We began developing the new visual identity by experimenting with hand-painted elements on a pane of glass. When we wrote the tagline in luminescent paint, we knew we had captured the creative spirit of the entire campaign.

With Amity College, we undertook our biggest film project yet. The Hazen film crew took up residence at the Prestons campus for a week, filming the advertisements as the regular chaos of school continued around us. In the end, we delivered five short films that featured real Amity College students who discover their talents and achieve what they originally thought was impossible.

To launch the new branding and campaign, we developed a microsite that highlighted Amity College’s new look whilst staying true to their longstanding values. This site provided a platform where prospective parents could watch the campaign films, learn more about the school, and seamlessly begin the enrolment process.


Maxed out registrations for year 7-10


65k+ increase in organic social media following


24% increase in organic social media following

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Special thanks to all involved crew during the production.