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The largest grocers in Australia stock a huge array of products, and even the most discerning shopper can get lost in the aisles. Gasons Gourmet knew that their products were in a class of their own, but they needed a luxurious visual identity to match. Their packaging had to draw the attention of new customers and cement their reputation as a first-class brand.

We overhauled the existing packaging for Gasons Gourmet’s full range, then delivered elegant designs that differentiated them from the neighbouring products on the shelf. The label was simplified so that more attention could be given to the Australian produce that made each product so good.

Upping the ante, we then brought in a food stylist and photographed the oils, vinegars, and preserves amongst fresh produce and mouth-watering dishes to drive home Gasons Gourmet’s commitment to excellent food.


Introduced 22x new product designs


Entered into major retailers

Special thanks to all involved crew during the production.